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It was a sunny, cool day as I walked through the crowded streets of downtown San Francisco towards the Warwick San Francisco, located across Powell Street from the neighborhood’s iconic Union Square.

The historic property, which opened in 1913 as the Maryland Hotel, sits on a busy street full of small shops and restaurants. The hotel lobby is small and cozy, with a seating area opposite the reception. A splendid golden chandelier hangs in the middle of the ceiling.

When I entered the building I was immediately greeted by the friendly receptionist behind the desk. The welcoming and prompt front desk service immediately made me realize why the San Francisco Chronicle dubbed the hotel the “Sunshine House” for its hospitality years ago. Checking in only took a few minutes, then I was on my way to my room on the sixth floor.

Bed 3


Upon entering the suite, I was immediately struck by its elegant decor in shades of white, gold and soft tan and deep navy blue. I was later told that the striking interior design was added to the hotel’s rooms and suites as part of a recent renovation.

The suite was in two halves separated by sliding patio doors, with a living room and work area on one side, and the bedroom on the other. Two large swivel flat screen televisions were mounted in the corner of the room on two sides, one facing the living room and the other facing the bed. LED ceiling lighting has been installed throughout the suite.

The king size bed had a soft mattress, thick warm blanket and extra pillows which made for a great nights sleep. The reading lights mounted on either side of the headboard gave me the opportunity to read a little before bed. Small round bedside tables and power outlets also made it easy to charge my mobile devices overnight while keeping them close at hand.

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