‘Vaccine Passports’ Now a Thing in California Parks


April 21, 2021, 1:03 PM It appears that “vaccine passports” are now a thing at California theme parks – at least for out-of-state visitors.

A new notice published on the state of California Blueprint for a more secure economy Industry reopening rules state that “fully vaccinated people from out of state may visit or attend activities or events reserved for visitors to the state.” California has restricted theme park attendance to state residents since it allowed the industry to reopen in the state on April 1. The new directive would also allow out-of-state visitors to enter California theme parks, provided they can show proof of vaccination. .

It is this proof of vaccination that people talk about with the so-called “vaccine passports”. In the United States, people receive white plugs from the CDC when they get vaccinated. But having noted your full dose (two injections for Pfizer and Moderna or one for J&J) is not enough to show a complete vaccination according to the California rules. Your last dose must have been at least two weeks ago for you to be considered fully immunized, as the vaccine takes a long time to work its full effect.

So far, SeaWorld San Diego appears to be the first California theme park to update its published rules to allow out-of-state visitors. Early announcements on SeaWorld’s website and social media had also offered unvaccinated out-of-state visitors the option of providing a negative Covid test to be admitted to the park, but SeaWorld has now removed that option. because she didn’t seem to. be authorized by the state.

Capacity remains limited to 25% at theme parks across the state, including SeaWorld, Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Six Flags Magic Mountain. This means that the rides also operate at reduced capacity – not just that the parks are limited in the number of people they can pass through the gate. So far, wait times for attractions have therefore not been far removed from what would have been typical wait times before the pandemic. But the state’s two most popular theme parks – Disneyland and Disney California Adventure – have yet to reopen, with their return slated for April 30 next week.

California residents do not need to show proof of vaccination in order to visit a theme park. The requirement is fair for visitors from out of state. People who live outside of California and come to visit the state are supposed to get tested for Covid and quarantine themselves on entry if they have not been vaccinated.

As California passes proof of vaccination, the nation’s other theme park capital, Florida, has explicitly rejected them, with the Florida governor issuing an executive order banning state businesses from requiring proof of. vaccination and the state legislature is now moving to make this order a law.

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