Up to 100 people involved in a brawl in Anaheim, Calif., At the hotel


Two people were stabbed and two were arrested after a massive brawl at a Southern California hotel that involved up to 100 people, police said.

Officers found 60 to 100 people involved in a scuffle in an outside parking lot and in the lobby of the Cambria hotel around 12:40 p.m. Wednesday, the staff sergeant said. Shane Carringer, Anaheim Police spokesperson.

“People armed themselves with makeshift weapons. It seems they used brooms and chair legs,” Carringer said. “It was obviously a chaotic scene.”

Two people suffered lacerations that Carringer described as stab wounds, but the injuries were not life threatening, he said.

Each available officer, around 50 or 60, was sent to separate the two groups, along with 10 Orange County officers, Carringer said. There were no injuries among police or hotel staff, and the brawl was limited to guests, he said.

An Anaheim police vehicle outside the Cambria Hotel in Anaheim, Calif., Wednesday.@AnaheimPD

The relatively new Cambria Hotel has a pool and water park, Carringer said. The hotel’s website says the pool and water park are open but with social distancing rules due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A person who answered the phone at the front desk said a manager was not immediately available and said to call back on Thursday. A representative for the company that franchised the hotel, but does not own the hotel, said he was investigating the situation.

The fight and what motivated it are under investigation, Carringer said.

Witnesses told local television station KTLA that the fight started after someone accidentally pushed a child into a swimming pool.

A minor was arrested, along with another person, Carringer said. Both have been accused of fighting in public and resisting an officer, which are offenses, and they have been subpoenaed and released, he said.

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Orange County Police and Health Care Agency will investigate whether the hotel followed the rules in place due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“We are contacting staff to find out if there have been any COVID-related issues there,” a spokesperson for the health agency said in an email.

Due to the number of people involved, the police searched the hotel floor by floor. It is not uncommon for police to react to fights, but “what is remarkable is the number of people involved,” Carringer said.

There are no conventions in Anaheim, Carringer said. Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, also located in Anaheim, are closed.

“It’s a big hotel with a water park,” Carringer said. “People come to spend their time there.

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