Three California restaurants will be closed on Monday

Labor and food prices continue to rise across the country, and in one California county, more businesses are making the difficult decision to make significant changes to save money. ‘money.

Three restaurants in the California town of Bakersfield have announced they will not be open on Monday, effective immediately.

“We really wanted to endure wholeheartedly, we really wanted to make it work,” said a representative from a local restaurant.

The Bakersfield Pizza Company, a restaurant in town called Vida Vegan, and another called Camino Real Kitchen & Tequila said they would close that day every week to save money.

Between rising food prices, production issues and staffing issues, co-owner Alejandro Ocampo said his three restaurants are struggling to afford produce.

“A lot of times it felt like we couldn’t get pork belly, which we use a lot here, and take-out containers. For some reason last week we had to outsource heavy cream to someone else.

Ocampo said the price of meat was rising. Where once steak was the most expensive and could be replaced with chicken or pork, now chicken and pork are just as expensive. Especially products for their vegan dishes.

“A regular slice of cheese, a packet of American cheese is $4 or something. For a packet of vegan cheese you’re looking to pay $7 or $8, that’s almost double.

So many, including some in this small California town, are doing what they think is best, which is closing on the slowest day of the week. “Monday was the best option, it was the day when we had the fewest staff working, it was a day when our sales were the least important.”

“We just needed to take a day to reset and prepare for a positive week from Tuesday.”

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, increases over the past year have included:

  • Food cost increased by 7%
  • 5% fruits and vegetables
  • 3.1% dairy products
  • The biggest increase was meat, poultry, fish and eggs at 12.2%

Ocampo said staff members are adjusting and say they are waiting to get back to work.

“It has nothing to do with the people who come to support us. The community has been amazing in all of our restaurants, we just want to be able to provide a better product and a better atmosphere.

Camino Real Staff now says ‘margarita Mondays’ will no longer be held, they are now promoting their ‘Taco Tuesday’ promotion to start the week.

This story was originally published by KERO in Bakersfield, California.

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