These Top-Rated California Restaurants in the Country: Yelp


Four California cities have landed spots on Yelp’s “Top 100 US Restaurants 2022”.


Four California cities have restaurants on Yelp’s list of the best places to eat in the country.

From seafood with stunning beach views to healthy fermented dishes and Asian fusion, these four restaurants have been highly rated by Yelp reviewers.

Yelp compiled the “Top 100 American Restaurants 2022” by contacting diners for feedback, then ranking the “total number of submissions, ratings, reviews, and geographic representation.”

Restaurants in Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Newport Beach and Malibu were on the list.

Fermentation Farm —Costa Mesa

At #3 on the list, Fermentation Farm offers “probiotic-rich, restorative foods” at their Costa Mesa restaurant and shop.

They serve a slew of foods and drinks, including 11 flavors of kombucha on tap, fermented root beer, broth ramen, pickled egg toast, and jars of pickled vegetables to go.

Yelpers loved the grass-fed beef chili — with beef broth, tomato, celery, onion and a mix of chili spices. Customers can choose to garnish their bowls with cilantro, jalapeno, scallions, sour cream and cheese.

The grass fed beef chili was so good. Spicy and flavorful and full of fresh vegetables,” wrote one reviewer.

The Vox Kitchen — Fountain Valley

A mix of Peruvian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Taiwanese flavors influence the dishes served at The Vox Kitchen.

The fusion restaurant is #11 on Yelp’s Best Places to Eat in the Country.

A popular dish is homemade garlic noodles, recommended by hundreds of Yelp reviewers. It includes organic wheat noodles, butter, parmesan, scallions, secret sauce and your choice of meat. Critics suggest going for the filet mignon.

“If you come, make sure you have the garlic noodles. These are the only noods that won’t disappoint or leave you hanging,” wrote a Yelp reviewer.

If you can’t smell the noodles, others suggest ordering the garlic chicken wings, the Vox pear salad, or the elote.

Lido Bottle Works -Newport Beach

This restaurant serves American cuisine with a view. Lido Bottle Works made #58 on Yelp’s Top Restaurants in the Country.

Nestled across Newport Bay, you can wine and dine while watching the boats return to port.

The place is cozy, charming, and has an “upscale pub vibe,” according to one Yelp user.

Yelpers recommend ordering the pork belly bao buns, served with togorashi eggs and radish. Togorashi is a spice blend usually made up of peppercorns, sesame seeds, dried chilies and seaweed and translates to “Japanese chili”.

“My new favorite place! The vibe was just what we were looking for – friendly, cool, unpretentious, and the view was great,” another Yelp reviewer wrote.

moon shadows -Malibu

Moonshadows, a beachfront restaurant offering seafood dishes, is #86 on Yelp’s Top 100 Restaurants in the US

The “chic and relaxed” joint was created in 2001 between friends Andrea Bullo, Rodolfo Costella and Franco Simplicio.

Some suggest ordering the lobster and crab linguine with a lightly spiced tomato sauce or the miso-glazed black cod with bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, green tea rice and ponzu sauce.

“Amazing view of the ocean, delicious lobster, dessert and drinks! What more can we ask for? »

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