Shark attack leaves swimmer seriously injured as police shut down California beach

The search for the shark responsible for the attack has so far been unsuccessful

A swimmer has been seriously injured after a shark attack in the United States.

The attack took place just off Lovers Point Beach in Monterey County, near the city of San Jose.

People reportedly tried to save the man from the shark, but he was reportedly injured in the stomach and leg.

A swimmer was seriously injured in a shark attack

Pacific Grove Police

Pacific Grove Police

A drone was sent to try to find the shark responsible, but it has not been seen since.

Following the incident, Pacific Grove police closed area beaches until Saturday.

In a statement, police said, “The city will follow state park protocol such that the Lovers Point beach and Sea Palm stake have been closed and will remain closed through Saturday, June 25, 2022.”

The man was taken to Natividad Medical Center to be treated for his injuries.

Jenny McAdams of the City of Pacific Grove Council said on social media: “After the attack the shark was seen in the area again.

“The beach was closed, everyone was ordered out of the water.”

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