Newsom extends COVID aid to California restaurants and bars


Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced a restaurant return plan to support restaurants and bars as the state reopens completely and safely this month.

SAN FRANCISCO – As California begins to reopen this month, Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday announced measures to ensure that restaurants, bars, breweries and wineries continue to receive regulatory relief in the event of a pandemic – including expanded alfresco dining and the sale of take-out alcoholic beverages – to support business recovery and protect public health.

“California restaurants help create the vibrant and diverse communities that make California the envy of the world. As the state turns to post-pandemic life, we will continue to adapt best practices that have helped businesses improve the customer experience, ”Governor Newsom said Thursday during a visit to Mexican restaurant Tommy’s. in San Francisco. “With new opportunities and support for businesses large and small, and the California spirit of initiative that has led us over the past year, we will come back roaring from this pandemic.”

On Thursday, the administration extended relief measures that allow restaurants and bars to continue to benefit from their investments to expand outdoor operations in areas such as sidewalks and parking lots, and to continue selling alcoholic beverages to take out with food deliveries, among others. successful pandemic adaptations.

Additionally, the administration is urging local governments to facilitate alfresco dining through local zoning and programs that support and promote expanded outdoor, take-out, and delivery options.

Building on the regulatory relief announced throughout the pandemic by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, the action announced Thursday will also allow bars to continue to partner with food trucks, catering companies or retailers. restaurants to sell meals with their drinks, as needed, and allow wineries and breweries to partner with restaurants to host virtual dinners with wine and beer pairings.

Local restaurateur Randy Smerik, owner Solar restaurant at Liberty Station, applauds the measures announced Thursday.

“It’s just a very heartwarming feeling and it makes me feel good,” Smerik said. “The restaurants, bars, wineries and breweries are coming back, and to see the government say, ‘Hey, we can continue all these investments that have been made, we can support these guys and let them try to make up for what. ‘they did. lost in the last 14 months. ‘”

Smerik called the extension of the take-out alcohol license for the remainder of the year a “powerful addition” to what Solare and other restaurants are capable of doing.

“Not only does the additional revenue, which is fantastic, but it kind of allows us to provide an experience that’s more similar to what people have when they arrive,” he told News 8.

The Solare owner also said that extending his outdoor seating to two heated terraces and a grassy area has also resulted in more socially remote seating indoors – something he says will continue. for a little while even after June 15th to make sure all its customers feel safe.

“And with our great weather here in San Diego, it’s a complete game-changer that really allows me to catch up on the seats that I don’t have inside,” he added.

The new notice of regulatory relief can be viewed here and the letter to local governments can be found here.

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