New single-use food utensil bill means less waste for California restaurants | Town of Hayward

As of June 1, 2022, restaurants will only be able to offer disposable food accessories when requested by customers – even for takeout and delivery orders. New state legislation, known as Assembly Bill 1276, was passed due to the volume of straws, cutlery, condiment packets and other disposable paraphernalia that go unused, clog California landfills, contaminate processes recycling or become waste that pollutes our streets and waterways.

According to the California Coastal Commission, more than 30% of all trash collected during the annual beach cleanup comes from disposable tableware and food paraphernalia. Reducing waste is one of the main intentions of the bill, protecting the environment and reducing the government resources spent on waste collection every day. The bill is also expected to save restaurants money as they order fewer disposables.

The new law expands the Straw on Demand Act 2019 to include all types of disposable tableware. It also adds third-party food delivery services to the list of business types that must comply. Reusable food accessories may continue to be provided for restaurant orders at the discretion of each restaurant. For the full text of AB 1276 and the list of compliance requirements, click here.

For more information on ways to reduce single-use disposable food utensils, please visit StopWaste’s disposable food utensils information webpage.

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