More than a third of California restaurants unable to pay rent

350,000 catering jobs remain vacant

By Dolores Quintana

More than a third of California restaurants are unable to pay rent while 350,000 industry jobs remain unfilled, according to a recent report.

As NBC Los Angeles reports, 37% of restaurants that reopen in California are unable to pay their rents and 350,000 restaurant jobs remain unfilled. Like government officials, restaurant owners assumed that the end of enhanced unemployment benefits would force the two restaurant workers back and lead to a glut of new workers for their businesses, but that’s not the point. case.

It might have something to do with restaurant employee dissatisfaction and restaurant cooks having the highest death rate among workers during the pandemic.

As reported by NBC Los Angeles, Fromin’s Restaurant and Deli in Santa Monica still cannot fill all of its vacancies, even after four months. Bruce Stein, CEO of Fromin, was quoted by NBC Los Angeles as saying, “Everyone is in this together,” said Bruce Stein, CEO of Fromin’s. “We are all trying to find people. You can’t pass a restaurant without seeing a help-seeking sign.

Federally funded restaurant assistance has also ended, so the California Restaurant Association is lobbying Congress to send more federal relief.

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