Mom says she and daughter had a racist encounter at a hotel pool in California


PASADENA, Calif .– An African-American mother recorded what she said was a racist encounter with a man at the Pasadena Westin Hotel while on vacation in the area.

Carle Wheeler said a man in a blue striped shirt started harassing her and her 5-year-old daughter as they were swimming in the hotel pool. She said he asked her and her child if they had showered before entering the water because people carry diseases.

She said he claimed to work for the health department and feared the pool might have to be closed. But at the time, there were other people in the hot tub, Wheeler said. She said they were white and had not been approached by the man.

These people came to Wheeler’s defense, even calling the front desk themselves because they found the situation inappropriate.

Wheeler said she shot the video of the meeting out of frustration and was heartbroken that her daughter was going through something like this.

“I teach him what is good and what is not and it is not suitable for a man to ask a woman or a child if he has showered before entering a swimming pool. There were other people there, like I said, he didn’t ask them if they took a shower. He only asked us, “she said.

She added that she was also unhappy with the way the manager handled the situation. The manager did not question the man and let him go. It was only after the manager realized that Wheeler was being harassed that she said he then tried to find the unidentified man.

Wheeler said she was not sure if the hotel found out who the man was, as she had not heard from the staff.

The hotel has issued a statement regarding the situation.

“In light of these events that have occurred, we believe it is important to share that we do not tolerate comments or behavior directed at our pool patrons. The safety and security of our patrons is our priority. absolute. We strive to maintain an environment where our customers feel welcome and are treated with the same respect and care of our team. “

Wheeler said she and her daughter left early Monday. As police were not called, no report was filed regarding the incident.

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