Mass shootings: Long Beach, Calif., Hotel cook Rodolfo Montoya arrested after allegedly planning mass shooting

Authorities in California have said another mass shooting could have been prevented with the arrest of a hotel cook. Rodolfo Montoya, 37, who worked at a Marriott in Long Beach, told a colleague on Monday that he planned to walk into work and shoot everyone he saw at the hotel due to a so-called human resource problem.

This colleague notified the police, who arrested Montoya in his mobile home the next day and confiscated an arsenal of weapons. Montoya’s arrest is the latest in a series of threats of mass shootings after deadly shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, ohio.

“The suspect Montoya had clear plans, intentions and means to commit an act of violence which could have claimed a large number of victims,” ​​Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna said on Wednesday.

When Long Beach Police arrested the disgruntled hotel cook at his Huntington Beach home, they seized several high-powered firearms, hundreds of cartridges, and tactical equipment, including an assault rifle and large capacity chargers. Magazines are illegal in California.

Irma Escobito worked with Montoya at the Marriott hotel. She said he made her uncomfortable at times but she had never reported it.

“Every time he comes and looks for me, and he touches me or gives me a kiss on the head, I say, ‘Please don’t touch me, don’t kiss me’, because the cameras are there, and I don’t like it, ”Escobito said.

One of the suspect’s neighbors said another neighbor warned him to stay away from Montoya.

“A neighbor told me he had guns in this camper van and to prevent that he has all kinds of guns,” the neighbor said.

At least 29 people have been arrested in 18 states for threatening mass violence since the Dayton and El Paso killings.

In Orlando, a 16-year-old girl was arrested Wednesday for allegedly threatening to shoot people at her sister’s Catholic school. According to the arrest report, she said in a group text that “the next person to say something is the first person I shoot in the school shooting that will take place this Friday.”

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