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Google Maps Street View first appeared on the Internet in 2007 and created an online service that allows users to explore the far corners of the globe at street level. While the 3D virtual world is great for getting a glimpse of an upcoming vacation destination or for finding a new route to work, it is also increasingly used to discover some of the hidden parts of planet Earth. .

Arms raised threateningly, the creature runs along the bike path.

What’s more bizarre, however, is that the creature doesn’t seem to get as much attention.

Although a man, wearing a blue backpack, has turned his head to admire the eerie scene unfolding in front of him, he doesn’t seem too worried.

Meanwhile, families picnicking or walking on the sand didn’t even seem to notice.

Or maybe the prank was planned in advance in an effort to create a humorous scene for the Google Camera.

While little is known about the context of the image, it certainly adds an element of surprise to this seaside scene.

A similar incident occurred in Victoria, Canada, when a local adopted a fake horse head mask.

As the Google Camera passed, the resident had set up a hilarious scene, making it seem like a mystical creature was sitting by the side of the road.


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