Disney will demand masks again in Florida and California parks


Walt Disney Co. is again demanding masks at its theme parks in Florida and California, in response to increasing cases of the new delta variant.

Disney is joining other companies reinstating mask warrants, including Apple Inc., which will require them in most of its U.S. stores for customers and staff.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated their guidelines this week to recommend that even vaccinated people wear masks indoors in areas where the number of cases is increasing.

Disney, the world’s largest theme park operator, reopened its resorts in Florida last year and parks in California in April. He and other resort operators lifted mask requirements for vaccinated guests in early summer as inoculations increased nationwide.

Now, all visitors aged 2 and over will be required to wear masks in all indoor park locations starting Friday, regardless of their immunization status, Disney said in an emailed statement.

The move comes as the resurgence of the coronavirus and the return of mask recommendations hamper U.S. business plans to get back to normal.

Google said on Wednesday that it would postpone the return of its official office to mid-October and demand that workers on its campuses get vaccinated. Lyft Inc. has postponed its return date to February, while Twitter Inc. has closed its recently reopened offices.

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