Disney to lift masking restrictions in Florida and California parks


Visitors vaccinated to Disney World and Disneyland will no longer have to wear masks starting Tuesday in most theme park areas.

Orlando Park will still require face coverings in some places, including on Disney transportation such as buses, monorails, and the Skyliner, a gondola system. Guests who are not fully vaccinated should still wear masks in all indoor areas.

“We’re not quite ready to bring it all back just yet, but we are optimistic and look forward to the day when Disney friends and princesses can kiss again, the company said. noted.


Disney World will also relax some of its protocols on social distancing, increasing capacity in places such as stores, restaurants, attractions, transportation and theaters, the company said in a statement.

Some experiences and entertainment options may remain unavailable or with limited capacity at this time, although the company has not specified which attractions. The park will continue to maintain its “high standards” of cleanliness and will maintain hand sanitizing stations in place for guests.

Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., Will allow out-of-state visitors starting Tuesday and no longer require on-site temperature checks.

Guests will not have to show proof of vaccination but will certify that they are aware of the state’s recommendation that they must be fully vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test to enter the park. Social distancing guidelines will no longer be in place.

Tuesday will meet Governor Gavin Newsom’s goal of fully open the state on that date, because he stayed on track with his vaccination rate.

Florida Park last month eased mask restrictions for outdoor areas shortly after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidelines on May 13 to suggest that fully vaccinated people do not have to. need to hide outside.

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis was one of the first heads of state to lift COVID-19 restrictions, signing in May a bill suspending public health measures implemented by local governments.

Recently, Florida announced that it will stop reporting daily cases of COVID and provide a weekly update instead. The state’s first weekly report from the state Department of Health cited around 12,000 new cases among state residents, an increase of 10.5% from the week ending June 4. according to at WJXT. Florida also added 40 more deaths to its death toll.


About 55% of Floridians 12 and older have been vaccinated with at least one dose. Eighty-two percent of those 65 and over have been partially or fully immunized.

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