Dead whale removed from California Beach – NBC Los Angeles


Crews swept away the rotting carcass of a dead fin whale that washed up on shore and shut down a southern California beach.

A section of Bolsa Chica State Beach was closed on Friday after the Orange County Health Care Agency determined the decaying remains posed a health hazard.

Over the weekend, it was cut up and picked up by heavy loaders and transported to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, the Orange County Register reported on Monday.

“They were a very good professional team,” State Parks Superintendent Kevin Pearsall told The Register. “It was a sad ending, but when it comes to the removal and the process of that, I couldn’t ask for a cleaner, faster and more efficient way. It went really well. We didn’t know how to what to expect due to the size of this thing and the media coverage.

During the few days it was stuck in the sand, the stinking carcass drew a constant stream of onlookers and people taking selfies with the gigantic creature. The fin whale is the second largest mammal in the world behind the blue whale.

Authorities believe the whale was one of two that was struck by an Australian Navy ship two weeks ago and then towed out to sea from San Diego.

Bolsa Chica is approximately 90 miles from the San Diego Bay coast.

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