Dallas Cowboys Training Camp a Fun Day at the Beach in California

The Dallas Cowboys and coach Mike McCarthy conducted a mock game on Tuesday, which means they likely lost.

When you are between 6 and 10 years old and hosting simulated games, you want to be sure that you are as close to the real thing as possible.

The best news from the Cowboys mock game on Tuesday was that Dak Prescott threw some real passes. He and his teammate Amari Cooper, who is also being held down for precautionary reasons, performed individual 2-minute drills themselves.

The Cowboys have two more days here in the torturous 72-degree temperatures before they fly to Phoenix to face the Arizona Cardinals in their second mismatch of the season, then return to Texas.

Maybe then they will start playing football.

Right now, the California Cowboys have perfected the art of rest and injury prevention weather.

“I think Coach Mike did a great job helping us out and giving us a whole day,” said Cowboys rookie linebacker Micah Parsons. “It’s time to stretch, do yoga and things like that. “

These Cowboys may not be able to hone the road, lose blocks, or cover the press, but they run over the Hounds, Warrior 1, and Raven.

So far, that first real camp under Mike McCarthy has echoes painfully with another great Cowboys coach, Uncle Wade Phillips.

From light practices to the inclusion of HBO cameras for “Hard Knocks,” training camp at Oxnard feels like a day at the beach for the Cowboys.

It was my wife who during Dallas Cowboys training camp in 2007 nicknamed Wade “Coach Cupcake.” It was “Coach Cupcake” and “Camp Cupcake”. The names stuck and Wade was never able to escape either.

His assessment was based on the coverage of his first training camp. Alas, all these years later and she’ll be the first to admit she wasn’t wrong (about anything).

Wade took over from Bill Parcells, who wasn’t one to rest for long.

McCarthy is not Wade, who was simply a decade ahead of his time.

“It’s different. I came into the NFL in 2003 and the rules were different then,” said Cowboys offensive line coach Joe Philbin, who was head coach of the Dolphins. Miami from 2012 to 2015.

“You have this nostalgic take on what the NFL was like. It’s not going back to what it was in 2003. You just have to work with the rules in place.

Between the paranoia of high-priced players who sustain injury, the new 17-game regular-season schedule of the NFL, and the rules agreed upon by the NFL Players Association and the NFL, playing football does not look like playing football. soccer.

And because the Cowboys got the extra preseason game, this NFL training camp is more like a YMCA summer camp.

Just need “The Dallas Cowboys Ford Truck’s Jerry Jones Glory Swim Hole” and here we are.

Less than zero of the coaches here prefer it that way.

“The hits aren’t the problem, it’s the time restriction,” Cowboys high school coach and passing play coordinator Joe Whitt Jr. said Tuesday. “In 2011, I had some really good friends. who were part of the NFLPA, and I told them, “You’re going to hurt the young players” (with the new training restrictions) with the time away from the building that we can’t meet them.

“The physical part they’re going to have. Across the league, as coaches, we want more mental time in the boardroom.”

The Cowboys had their first practice here on July 22. The next day was free.

Between the start of the camp on July 22 and August 10, they had eight days off.

“It really boosted the performance in practice,” said Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. “In training, you had better participate because each rep will be really evaluated. I don’t know if (the rules) made it more difficult, but it’s super important.

McCarthy said he made a point of not going too hard in the preseason.

He learned his lesson when he was at Green Bay in his first season as head coach in 2006 and he witnessed the results of his attempt to be Mr. Hard Guy’s football coach, and his team seemed dead as a result.

We are in 2021 and he has no such concerns.

These Dallas Cowboys are both tanned and rested, and Camp Cupcake is rolling.

This story was originally published August 11, 2021 5:00 a.m.

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