California restaurants may reopen, but owners are wary


California reopens. Type of.

Gov. Gavin Newsom lifted the statewide stay-at-home order on Monday, meaning restaurants may soon reopen, but in most of California it will only be for seats at the outside.

This will vary from county to county, and southern California remains hard hit by COVID-19 infections.

For restaurateurs, many of whom have had to close their businesses since November, the change is welcome. But some are suspicious.

Anne Hsing possesses Not pretty, a French restaurant in Santa Monica whose butter poached lobster has received rave reviews. She said she was waiting to hear details of the new guidelines. “I think it will be very revealing as to whether or not it will work for some of us to be open.”

California Restaurant Association says 30% restaurants across the state are expected to close during this pandemic. Greg Morena is with the association. He spent Monday evening and Tuesday rushing to prepare his restaurant – the Albright in Santa Monica (which claims a world famous clam chowder) – to reopen.

Among other things, he called his staff to find out, “First and foremost, who is available? Some people have found other jobs. Some people have left the state.

Morena said he hoped to reopen in early February. Not all restaurateurs are this enthusiastic. While southern California remains in the grip of COVID-19, many are wondering how long the reopening will last. Link Your already lost one of its restaurants – Here is looking yours – to the pandemic. She has yet another, Baby all day, with his beloved cookie sandwiches. Regarding reopening to the outside world, she said, “we’re all exhausted and it’s hard to make those kinds of decisions when we don’t even learn them in advance.”

So for now, she’s going to put a few tables outside for self-service. She has no hope yet.

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