California restaurants can only distribute single-use plastic items upon request, according to new law

A new invoice The law signed in California prohibits restaurants from distributing single-use plastics without being asked first. Its passage coincides with a similar bill that only allows restaurants to dispense straws upon request.

Now, single-use plastic items like condiment packets and plastic utensils must be requested and cannot be otherwise distributed. Those ordering through delivery apps will need to ask specifically if they want these single-use items included.

Governor Wendy Carrillo said, “Plastic utensils and condiment packets create unnecessary waste, pollute waterways and harm marine life.”

Any restaurant that violates this bill could be fined up to $300, depending on how long they are in violation.

Governor Gavin Newsom said, “California’s hallmark is solving problems through innovation, and we’re harnessing that spirit to reduce the waste that fills our landfills and generates harmful pollutants that are driving the climate crisis.”

This is a step in the right direction that will hopefully lead the way to less plastic waste. Single-use plastics are among the most wasteful items and can easily be replaced with biodegradable or reusable alternatives.

With more bills like this as well as increased pressure on big unsustainable corporations, we can hopefully start to see a difference in plastic pollution.

Sign this petition to demand that Biden and Congress work together to save our oceans, sea animals, and Earth by banning single-use plastics across the United States!

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