Bay Area-based Belcampo Shuts All California Restaurants

Photo by Susana Guerrero

FILE – Belcampo, a sustainable butcher shop and farm based in the Bay Area, abruptly closed all of its California restaurants following a scandal in May where it mislabeled the meat in its Santa Monica store.


Oakland-based Belcampo Meat Co., hailed for its sustainability practices, shut down all of its restaurants following a scandal in May that revealed the company was selling cuts of meat from other vendors and labeling them. like theirs.

The closures came on Monday, according to Eater, who also pointed out that all of his social media accounts were subsequently deleted. Calls made by SFGATE to Bay Area locations in Oakland and San Mateo went unanswered.

Beyond restaurant closures in northern and southern California, the company will cease retail and e-commerce operations, co-CEO Garry Embleton said in a statement. He added that although Belcampo has ended, it could continue to offer “unbranded products through new distribution channels”.

“The company’s supply chain, farm and processing facility are both best-in-class, and we hope there will be opportunities for collaboration with companies keen to provide consumers with products. meat that meet these high standards, ”said Embleton.

The shutdown comes months after Evan Reiner, a former butcher at the Santa Monica Belcamp outpost, revealed the company mislabeled cuts of meat from outside companies while raising prices. In a viral post on Instagram As of May, Reiner said many items the company has declared sustainable and organic were actually imported from Tasmania or shipped from Montana, among others. Reiner also showed a box with Mary’s Chicken products.

After an investigation, Belcampo co-founder Anya Fernald told the San Francisco Chronicle that the Santa Monica store did not follow product sourcing protocols and let customers know the true origin of the products. meat based. (SFGATE and The San Francisco Chronicle are both owned by Hearst but operate independently of each other.)

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